Lutheranism 101 Class begins again on January 8th


Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

Merry Christmas to all of you!  You are receiving this invitation either because you requested it or your name was recommended for it.  One of the greatest things about a new year is a fresh start, that is why we make all sorts of resolutions and so forth.  It is an exciting time of year for all of us.

Within the Church it is a very good time.  We hear about Jesus being born, about angels and shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and the Magi visiting from the East.  It is also a great time of year to have another class of Lutheranism 101 offered for those interested about Lutherans or joining Our Savior Lutheran Church.  For those interested in membership it will serve as a basic introduction to what Lutherans believe and why.  For those who just want to know more it will help provide some insight into family and friends that are Lutherans.

The class begins on January 8th, 2012 and is about ten weeks long.  It meets on Sundays from 9:30-10:30 AM which is conveniently in between our two services.  Come for the class and also come for our Divine Services.  They are really the reason we gather.  If there are extenuating circumstances that make it hard for you to attend this time, please let me know as I also conduct private instruction as time allows.  Come and join us for the class.

If you can, please let me know by email or phone call if you would like to attend so that I can make room for you and order the materials for you to read along with the class

It is my greatest joy to teach about Lutheranism to those who are interested in learning.  I think you will find the class an excellent time of learning and reflecting upon the great things that our God has done for us in Christ Jesus.