We rejoice when newcomers wish to join our congregation and thank God for the opportunity to have other Christian brothers and sisters walk with us, worship with us, and go through life with us.

There are several ways in which we receive members:

  • Holy Baptism (all ages, especially infants)
  • Rite of Confirmation (following Catechesis, or instruction in the Faith)
  • Transfer from a sister congregation of the Lutheran Church –– Missouri Synod
  • Profession of faith/Reaffirmation of faith (following Catechesis, or instruction in the Faith)

When you desire to become a member of Our Savior, you desire a good thing.  Talk to the pastors and ask them in what way you can join our congregation, or fill out a visitor card checking the box that you are interested in membership.  In most cases the pastors will meet with you to discuss options.  A common option is going through a class called “Lutheran Faith and Life” which teaches the basics of what we believe as Lutherans, how this influences what we do in Church as Lutherans, and how we live out our lives in the world as Lutherans.  This is a great opportunity to learn.  Even our members often will take this class when it is offered for a refresher.  It’s a great introduction to the sacred things here at Our Savior.  The class is offered on Sunday mornings in between services so that you can receive the good gifts of God and get into the habit of attending Divine Service while being catechized (instructed) in the faith taught in Holy Scripture, the Lutheran Faith.